Rock Pile Beauty

Headed out to Coors Field for an afternoon game (for those not in the know, The Rock Pile are cheap seats at Coors Field,) or maybe checking out Dove Valley?  Beauty regimenes that stand up to the stands are a little different than when we’re just headed to a game day house party, or our favorite sports bar.


  1.   Anti-Oxidant Serum or Lotion:  Despite our best efforts we can still a get a little too much UV, plus, we’ll definitely get a dose of urban pollution down at the stadium.  Anti-Oxidants laden products will help us fend off dullness and damage by doing their clean up job on free-radicals, and they’ll help keep everything soothed and calm.  Some of my favorites are green tea, algae extract, sake extract, and vitamin c.
  2. Sun Protection:  I always recommend a physical, mineral-based sun block.  Those are easier on sensitive skin, healthier for those trying to avoid excess synthetic chemicals, and gentler on the environment (have you heard about the coral reefs?  so frustrating…)  If you have a deeper complexion and are concerned about it leaving an ashy cast on skin, try one of the versions with the minerals micronized, sometimes touted as “sheer.”  You are looking for zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
  3. Hydrating Mist – Maybe it’s because I live in a desert, but I can’t do without these!  Go as lux as you please, but you’ll want it in a travel size.  If I’m worried about potentially leaving it behind, I love those little ones by Evian (not sponsored!)  And they are just plain water.


This is why they invented the ball cap.  A big hat is more my style, but my fellow fans probably won’t appreciate an obstructed view!  Not only do you want to protect your scalp, but if you color your hair you need to protect that color.  So for long hair that will hang out I like a UV protection product as well.


Now for the fun part – it can get hot and sweaty, though, so think easy touch-ups and long-lasting.  I like a cushion foundation compact that I can throw in my bag for my drier, somewhat mature skin, and mineral makeup is long lasting and fuss-free for oilier complexions.  A little bronzer, simple but defined eyes, and liquid lip won’t transfer everywhere or wear-off quickly.  Play ball!


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