Primer Ambivalence

This is an odd choice for my first post, I admit, but I think of it as an extension of an “about me.”  I kind of resent primers.  I guess it’s probably because as a member of generation X, I didn’t come-of-age, makeup-wise, with them.  I started using a face primer in the early 2000’s, when I started shopping at MAC.  I only used it for dance performances, though.  It didn’t really occur to me that I needed more than that for my makeup to stay on as long as necessary – Studio Fix powder foundation took care of that just fine.  I also had an eye primer, but again, only used it for performances.  Being someone with deep-set eyes, elaborate eye-looks are kind of limited, and I only usually go to the trouble for performances.  So I guess I feel like regular products should be formulated well enough to not need them unless we’re dealing with extra-ordinary conditions, or that look really has to last all day and all night.  I also come from a generation used to dealing with touch-ups, so they aren’t that big a deal to me – not to mention that it’s rare when I have to go so long with no opportunity to touch up or change my makeup completely.

Anyway!  Fast forward ten years, and while I’m much drier than I used to be, and much less oily, my eyes are a little more sunken, and I now have little dehydrated patches that appear when foundation is applied, and enlarged pores in my T-Zone contributing to the beauty of my maquillage.  I’m finding myself reaching for primers more and more.  I shouldn’t resent them I suppose, I should be happy we have so many options, but I still don’t like products that only work well over primers.  What’s in my primer collection?  An old deluxe sample of Dr. Brandt “Pores No More;”  I like this one for my t-zone, and think it really does help certain foundations.  I think it would feel weird all over the face.  My deluxe sample of YSL Touche eclat primer lends itself to more of an all-over application, but it seems very heavy, and I worry about it breaking me out when I use it.  My skin has not historically liked silicone-heavy products.  Of course it didn’t use to like shea butter either, but now it seems to be making peace (and getting drier!)  This primer does smooth things out, especially if I know an area is a little dry or flaky, but for pores I prefer the Dr. Brandt.  My old standard is my MAC Prep and Prime eye primer.  I’m testing some new ones, but this one is the one I know best.  I’ve got a couple of new ones though, and those will pop up in the reviews over the next few months.

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